Josh Brandon

Josh Brandon


Overthinking Everything examines the socio-ideological divide in our culture through the lens of my own journey out of Toxic White Southern Culture, using the Social Sciences – History, Geography, Civics, and Economics, the basic foundations of Political Science, along with Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology, art & entertainment, literature, science and religion, current events and conspiracy theories. 


Overthinking Everything: Deconstructing a Culture of Cultism seeks to answer, “Why do we think the things we think and believe the things we believe?”


Exploring our opinions and ideas through different perspectives and analyzing the consequences of our opinions, Overthinking Everything is a journey through trauma, mental health, and understanding.

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We lost my friend Don Brake. Please help his family recover financially as they recover from losing their husband and father.

Original Music By SirTalksALot

Patriotism is measured in how ANGRY you are about January 6th.  If you’re mad as Hell and want the traitors punished, congratulations!  You’re a Patriot.  BUT…the more excuses you hear people make for J6, you know they’re not only a Faketriot, but they’re a Nationalist, which is a cousin to Fascism, which is a Nazi.  Get angry with me and watch Faketriot.  

Check out my previously released original songs

Superman & The Sun is a song I wrote about the (many) trolls and haters that drop in your comments.  I am not bothered by them as much as those haters think.  Instead, I soak up the hate like “Superman & The Sun”.  

This is the song that got my neighborhood vandalized, which really launched my whole TikTok platform.  This is an anti-vaxxer anthem, my first foray into the Country & Western genre.  For the life of me, I don’t know WHY people were so upset about this.

A personal song, maybe too private, chronicling my (many) failed attempts to leave this world on my own accord.  Gratefully, I am no longer that sad, troubled boy.  However, many do struggle.  I hope this is as cathartic to someone else as it was for me.

A tongue-in-chic pop song with a message, I wrote OK2BwOKe with the hook in mind “When we give in to stereotypes, it makes it harder for us all to live our lives”.  Sure, it’s work to overthink everything you say, but it keeps us from hurting someone else.

In 2007, I pulled the plug on my Dad.  I kinda want to make this description somber, but the song is pretty…deep.  Spoken-word poem set to music, this was sort of a tribute to the hardest decision I had to make and what grew out of that period.  

This was my first song and one that is dear to me.  It’s a peppy pop groove that makes me feel good when I hear it.  Plus, the message is evergreen.  All we need is a lot more love, so just give a little.  It all adds up.